Research 2.0 and Software Engineering 2.0: How Community Engineering will Change our Worlds


The development and evolution of Ultra Large Scale Systems raises problems beyond Turing Machines : Software is also about people. As we are entering the 'Information Age', we can’t afford anymore to ignore that. Internet is about hardware and protocols ; but the World Wide Web and especially the Web 2.0 is also about people. In this presentation we show how Community Engineering and Web 2.0 techniques can help both researchers and engineers to cope with the increasing complexity of their worlds. We advocate the need for an international network of people, languages and transformations and show first results in this direction.


Jean-Marie Favre is a Software Language Archæologist and Software Anthropologist at the University of Grenoble. His research is about the Evolution of Very Large software products and in particular he is interested in Software Linguistics and Software Language Engineering. He is a Research 2.0 evangelist and he practices XFOR & Community Engineering at the International Level.

Denis Avrilionis is the founder of OneTree Solutions SA. OneTree is based in Luxembourg and applies domain modeling and model-driven engineering in the government, banking and finance sectors. Denis received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Grenoble and worked as visiting scientist at the Software Engineering Institute — Carnegie Mellon University.

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