4th Summer School on

Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering

3–9 July, 2011, Braga, Portugal

Co-located with: SLE 2011 | CSXW 2011 | ITSLE 2011


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The biannual, week-long GTTSE summer school brings together PhD students, lecturers, as well as researchers and practitioners who are interested in the generation and the transformation of programs, data, software models, data models, metamodels, documentation, and entire software systems. The GTTSE school draws from several areas of the broad software engineering and programming language communities, in particular: software reverse and re-engineering, model-driven software development, program calculation, generic language technology, generative programming, aspect-oriented programming, and compiler construction. The GTTSE school presents the state of the art in software language engineering and generative and transformational techniques in software engineering with coverage of foundations, methods, tools, and case studies.


The school's scientific program consists of three modules: 8 long tutorials, 8 short tutorials, and a half day-long participants' workshop.

The long tutorials contribute the most substantial module in terms of time assigned to them in the GTTSE schedule (3+ hours of plenary time per tutorial), in terms of depth and breadth expected from these tutorials. Also, the long tutorials are meant to feed into the post-proceedings of GTTSE with substantial lecture notes (say, articles). The speakers for the long tutorial are typically long-standing authorities in their respective fields.

The short tutorials complement the program of GTTSE in an essential manner by covering additional aspects of the GTTSE scope in a typically more interactive, less exhaustive style. The short tutorials are introduced in an initial plenary session, and they receive approximately 90 mins of "parallel" time (with typically 2 sessions in parallel). Short tutorials may also feed, to some extent, into the post-proceedings of GTTSE.

The Students' Workshop features presentations that were selected among the proposals submitted by the participants.

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