The program features 2 lecture slots for each of the 11 briefings.

In addition, the program features these elements:

  • An enlightening evening keynote by Darius Blasband (Raincode) on Interviewing for the Dark Side
    • This talk aims at demystifying the private sector, how it works and how it hires, for people with an academic background. For those who take the step, and end up leaving the academic world for the private sector (a.k.a. “the world of evil”), the author hopes to soften the blow and avoid the culture clashes, most of which come from simplistic clichés and a deep misunderstanding of the hiring process in commercial organizations.
  • A students' workshop
    • Submit your contribution before 18 Aug!
  • A social program
    • A city tour through Porto, a football match, a pool party, a barbeque…

Tentative program



Participants would typically arrive at the school on Sunday (23 August).

The summer school starts on Sunday evening with an informal reception.

The lecturing program starts Monday morning.

The lecturing program will be finished on Saturday morning.

Participants would typically depart from the school on Saturday (29 August).

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