Registration for GTTSE 2015

Registration is open for GTTSE 2015.

Available places will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Anyone interested in participation is supposed to have strong interest in the school's scope. This may be best expressed by revealing a professional URL or by mentioning collaborators or supervisors in the registration form. If the organizers are not confident about the suitability of an applicant, then they may ask for more information.

Registration fees:

  • Early registration (31 July): 650 Euro
  • Late registration (14 August): 750 Euro

The registration fee covers the following aspects:

  • Registration for the scientific event as such
  • A room at the summer school hotel 23 - 29 Aug
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Social events (such as trip to Porto, port tasting, barbecue)

These fees assume double occupancy of a room at the summer school hotel. (If you require single room occupancy, please contact the organization chair for assistance. Participants will also be matched in appropriate ways and preferences for matching will be taken into account, as the summer school moves closer.)

Registrations will be processed by humans. So please allow a day or two before we get back to you.

Please proceed to the registration registration form.

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