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5th Summer School on

Grand Timely Topics in Software Engineering

Sunday 23 Aug - Saturday 29 Aug, 2015, Braga, Portugal



Historically, in the first four editions of GTTSE, the school series focused on generative and transformational techniques in software engineering, as evident from the original acronym (GTTSE - Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering). With the rise of the Software Language Engineering conference, the school series also covered that field. As of the 5th edition, a broader scope is applied to include additional areas of software engineering, e.g., software analysis, empirical research, modularity, and product lines. Thus, the new expansion of the GTTSE acronym: Grand Timely Topics in Software Engineering. The notion of timely topics is inspired by the ICSE conference which, in its 2015 edition, features technical briefings as "a venue for communicating the current state of a timely topic related to software engineering".


The school's scientific program of GTTSE 2015 consists of 10 briefings for different timely topics in software engineering. Each briefing is based on a relatively short paper which combines aspects of surveying and tutorial. The surveying aspect is realized specifically by the design constraint for the briefings to dedicate 50% to the analysis of related work. The remaining 50% are typically dedicated to the more specific research of the presenters. Each briefing gets allotted 2-3 sessions with up to 3 hours in total. The speakers for the briefings are established authorities in their respective fields.

GTTSE 2015 also features a students' workshop. These presentations may be refined into submissions of short papers (6-8 pages LNCS style) to be peer-reviewed and considered for inclusion in the post-proceedings past the school.

All material presented at the school will be collected in informal proceedings to be handed out solely to the participants. Formal and public post-proceedings will be compiled after the summer school where all contributions are subjected to reviewing. The post-proceedings of the school will be published in a volume of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series of Springer International Publishing. The post-proceedings of the previous four instances of the summer school were published as LNCS 4143 (GTTSE 2005), LNCS 5235 (GTTSE 2007), LNCS 6491 (GTTSE 2009) and LNCS 7680 (GTTSE 2011).


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Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD) Fundação Oriente
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High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) INESC TEC - Technology & Science - Associate Laboratory Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (NOVA LINCS) Software Improvement Group (SIG)


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